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Maximum Football 2018

Achieve gridiron greatness our North American football simulation title that brings to fans everything they love about the fast paced game. For the first time, fans can play the Canadian game on the PS4 – and for the first time since 2013, College football fans have a console option.

  • Multiple rules options – Canadian football, American football, and College football.
  • Play full seasons.
  • Hone your skills in the practice mode.
  • Customize your team and players.
  • Full post-play replay with free camera control.
  • Multiple player body styles.
  • Game weather that impacts game play.

The game is available to download starting July 31, 2018 on XBox One and PS4.

Canadian Football 2017 – Now available!

Fast, explosive offensive action, we have it all in our Canadian gridiron simulation title that brings to fans everything they love about how Canucks have been playing the game for more than 100 years. For the first time, fans can play the Canadian game on a console – that means 12 players, 3 downs, 20 seconds, and no fair catch eh!

The game is available to download starting July 26, 2017 on XBox One and Steam.

For tournament action check out Retro’s e-Sports Bar on Twitch on Tuesdays. For game launch news and media coverage check out our news page. For current updates on the game, join the conversation on Twitter or Facebook. We love your feedback. Our team is already working on improvements and is committed to continue updating the game to create a great experience. 


What is the ESRB rating for this game?

All Canuck Play titles are rated E for everyone.

1. Where are the screen shots and game-play videos?

Most of the game’s published screen shots and game-play videos are available via our Facebook page which can be found at

2. Is this a licensed football title?

That is our goal, however, currently there is no CFL or players licenses attached to the game. 

3. What about the PS4?

Canuck Play has a signed agreement in place with Sony Interactive for development and publishing. We have heard gamers and we are pushing towards having the game on the PS4. We will continue to update everyone via Facebook and Twitter.

4. Will this game have full season mode? Trades? Drafts?

Begining in late October 2017, the game includes a full Season Mode. This game mode will allow you to play through a full season, track game and player statistics and play through playoffs.

5. Will it have a play editor?

The Windows version includes a play designer.

6. How will this compare to other football titles?

Game play and visuals will be similar to other football titles produced, but it will use the proper rules of football.

7. What development tools are you using?

Canadian Football ‘17 is being developed with the Unity 5.5.3 game engine. This is the core reason we’re able to develop once (generally speaking) and publish to multiple platforms.

8. Is this just Maximum-Football 3.0?
No. Absolutely no assets (code, 3d models, animations, etc…) are being refactored from previously published titles. This is a completely new game built from the ground up.
7. Will you be making an American or Indoor football version?

Beginning in late October 2017 the game allows for playing under two different rule sets;

  1. Professional Canadian – Matches all the rules you will find in a game of professional Canadian football; 110 yard field, 12 men per side, 3 downs per series, etc…
  2. Modified American – Plays the game using many of the major rules of American football; 100 yard field, 11 men per side, 4 downs per series, goal posts on the dead ball line, 3 time outs per half, 2 minute warning.With the exception of there being no Rouge applied to non-returned missed field goals, the kicking game uses the Canadian rule set for kicking.Backfield motion uses the Canadian rule set.Most penalties use the Canadian rule set.


Our other IP’s in pre-development

Spies, code breaking, secret missions… we are working on sending gamers back in time in historical action adventure games that will blow the dust off the daring missions our Canadian heroes have undertaken. We believe Canadian comic book super heroes are also overdue to get in on virtual world action in their very own    All of our games will have an E for Everyone rating.

Legacy Titles

Maximum Football

In 2006 publishing under the name Wintervalley Software, we released Maximum-Football, the ultimate PC football arcade/simulation game. Maximum-Football allows the player to play North American football under Canadian, American, and Indoor rules. The game had a rich feature set, including an extremely sophisticated play designer, playbook editor, player career mode, and 3D game play, the game provides a full sandbox for your football fix. CD-ROM editions shipped with a 75-page full colour user guide.  An early build of Maximum-Football was featured in the January 2004 edition of PC Gamer Magazine ( pg1pg2 ). Maximum-Football 2.0 came out a year later with improved graphics, gameplay and a whole host of new features like full XBox 360 controller support, full DirectX 9.0 utilization, and scores of other upgrades and improvements, Maximum-Football 2.0 delivers on gameplay and fun like a bullet pass through double coverage. Like its predecessor, Maximum-Football 2.0 allows players to experience the thrill of managing a team in any league from pee-wee to all-pro. Players can get down and dirty with the editor to create new plays and playbooks, design uniforms and helmets, and select nicknames to appear on jerseys. Maximum-Football 2.0 has the features for everyone from armchair quarterbacks to head coaches. The game is available for purchase from Matrix Games. Please see screen images below.

CFL Football ‘99

In 1998 under the publishing name of Wintervalley Software, we developed and released the first video game officially licensed by the Canadian Football League and the CFL Players Association. This Windows98 PC title provided top down, 2D sprite, based game play with current (at the time) CFL teams. The game also included tools for the editing teams and rosters, as well as a play designer. In April of 2001, CFL Football ’99 was featured in VB Programmers Journal. While the game is no longer available (the league license has long expired) this accomplishment is something we’re very proud of and so is included for posterity. Below are a few screen shots from the game. Click on each for a larger image.

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