Public invited to join the launch party at Retro’s e-Sports Bar in Peterborough July 25

Peterborough ON—3 downs, 12 players, Canadian Football 2017 allows fans, for the first time, to play gridiron football on a major console. Canuck Play invites its dedicated fans to join the kickoff party at 7pm on Tues., July 25 at Retros-Esports Bar , 172 Simcoe St. in Peterborough, Ontario while they count down to their first title release at midnight on XBox One and Steam for PC gamers.

“We will be hosting a tournament and going live on Facebook so our international fans can get a look at the game in action. We are grateful to Andrew Warman for hosting the event at Retros and providing prizes. It’s the perfect spot for a video game to launch,” says David Winter, Canuck Play Inc.’s founder and president.

Canuck Play is a new video game studio in Peterborough, incorporated in March 2016. Sheryl Loucks, cofounder, says they had lunch after signing the papers and Winter said, “I bet you never expected this.”

“I just laughed. He had been “tinkering” with the game since the November before. When you combine the 20 years of David’s game development experience with the best companies in the industry with his lifelong passion for Canadian football, it was no surprise that Microsoft accepted his proposal to bring the game to XBox One, which was the nudge we needed to incorporate,” says Loucks.

Microsoft went a step further by providing development kits. Canuck Play also received support from Unity, the game-engine used to build Canadian Football’17. Local support was garnered when Canuck Play became a finalist in Peterborough’s Bear’s Lair business competition which Loucks says opened doors for the new company. The next door they opened was the Innovation Cluster’s for Peterborough and the Kawarthas. Last fall, Canuck Play’s move in to The Cube, the Innovation Cluster’s remarkable technology business incubator, allowed staff to brainstorm with other software developers and entrepreneurs in the digital media market.

“David’s experience in building games, his network of advisors and supporters within Canadian professional football, ensured this game will deliver an authentic experience to players. Our experience working with The Cube ensured the business side of the equation is equally strong,” says Loucks. “The value of being a part of the Innovation Cluster is immeasurable.”

Winter added the unflagging support of the fans, people who leant their professional talents to various aspects of the development from voice overs to beta testers and so many others just proves the validity of Canuck Play’s mission to develop high quality games about Canadian sports, heroes and culture.

Canadian Football 2017 has been priced affordably on both platforms at $15.99 USD/$21 CDN.  Winter says sales will fuel further development and functionality of the game.

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Press— a press conference will be held from 3-4pm at Retros Esports Bar. To book interviews outside of this time or for further information call 705-957-6400 or email

Evolution of Canuck Play’s Canadian Football 2017
In 1998 under the publishing name of Wintervalley Software, we developed and released the first video game officially licensed by the Canadian Football League and the CFL Players Association. This Windows98 PC title provided top down, 2D sprite, based game play with current (at the time) CFL teams. The game also included tools for the editing teams and rosters, as well as a play designer. In 2006, also published under the name Wintervalley Software, Maximum-Football, was released – the ultimate PC football arcade/simulation game. Maximum-Football allows the player to play North American football under Canadian, American, and Indoor rules. The game had a rich feature set, including an extremely sophisticated play designer, playbook editor, player career mode, and 3D game play.

Taking advantage of new opportunities with Microsoft, David began in November of 2015 building the all new Canadian Football 2017 for XBox One under his new company Canuck Play. Agreements are in place to develop the title on PlayStation. For further information see our Games page.