Gamers tackled Canadian Football 2017 with gusto during the launch of Canuck Play’s first title at Retro’s e-Sports Bar in Peterborough. The tournament winner is pictured here but is camera shy. We want to give special thanks to Retro’s owner, Andrew Warman (on the right), for being a fantastic host and for running the tournament which 300 people watched live on Twitch. Bill Juby, in the Argos gear on the left, did an outstanding job not only as our referee in the game but as our commentator for the tournament alongside Canuck Play president David Winter.

We also want to thank ¬†Mike Skinner, President of the Innovation Cluster and his staff for supporting Canuck Play in it’s first year of operation and cheering us on at the launch.

We are grateful to the local media for coming out and helping to spread the news! Here are some samples of the coverage:
Peterborough Examiner featured us front page above the fold Рwoohoo! 
Postmedia ran a large story as well including a full page spread in the Toronto Sun!